UHOne/Golden Rule

Approximately 25 million customers entrust UnitedHealthcare with their health insurance needs.  UnitedHealthOne is the brand name of the UnitedHealthcare family of companies that offers health insurance products. 

Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company, is the underwriter and administrator of these plans.  Golden Rule provides high-quality products, timely claims handling, and outstanding customer service.

For over 60 years, Golden Rule has served individuals and families purchasing their own health insurance.  Their experience and expertise has driven  the development of plans that strive to make health coverage more affordable for more Americans.  With Golden Rule’s sole focus of serving individuals and families, theyunderstand the unique needs of individuals – like you – shopping for personal health insurance.

A Variety of Plans:

COPAY PLAN – a set copay means convenience.  You’ll know what you’ll owe for a basic visit to a network doctor and for prescritions.

Copay plans may be ideal for:
*anyone who prefers the convenience of copay benefits for minor or routine health care expenses and prescription drugs.
*families with children who have regularly scheduled doctor visits.

HIGH DEDUCTIBLE PLAN – simple to understand and use.  Insurance coverage for big medical bills.

High deductible plans may be ideal for:
*anyone seeking lower cost protection from unexpected accidents and illnesses.
*early retirees needing a bridge to Medicare.
*anyone willing to take responsibility for minor and routine health care expenses in exchange for lower premiums.

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT PLAN (HSA) – an insurance plan and a savings account.  you may cover your annuala deductible with dollars you save.  Plus, the savings are tax advataged like an IRA. 

HSA plans may be ideal for:
*persons interested in more control over how their health care dollars are spent.
*families interested in one calendar year deductible per family.
*those interested in trading low deductible health insurance for a higher deductible plan to save money on monthly premiums and taxes.