Health Insurance


Assurant Health… offers a diverse portfolio of individual and family health insurance products designed to meet your changing health insurance needs and your budget.

With any Assurant Health plan, your base coverage will have:

  • $25 Million Lifetime Benefit Maximum
  • Worldwide Coverage, 24 hrs a day
  • Your Choice of Doctors and Hospitals from Extensive Networks
  • First-year Rate Guarantee
  • No Referrals Necessary to See a Specialist
  • No Limits on ICU Care
  • Ongoing Coverage for Your Children (for as long as they are a dependent)

Plan Types

CoreMed Plan for quality and flexibility – the most cost-effective plan for both everyday and catastrophic needs with the option to add the office visit copay benefit.

One Deductible Plan for simplicity and convenience – a single deductible for the entire family rather than one for each person.

HSA – for tax advantages – Health Savings Account is the most innovative approach to health insurance.  Adding a HSA to your One Deductible Plan gives you a high deductible health insurance plan and a tax-favored savings account to pay for everyday medical expenses with tax-free funds.

Traditional Plan for Choice – the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital without penalty-a great plan for those who live outside a PPO network area.

Add Suite Solutions for Security

  • SecureSolution – Builds on the foundation of major medical while decreasing your out-of-pocket costs for accidents. Provides coverage for accidental death and disability, too.
  • SelectSolution – Integrated plan that works with major medical to decrease your out-of-pocket on both accidents and major illness.  Also provides protection for ID theft and child safety plus discounts on dental, vision and more.

Optional Features:

  • Office Visit Copay – your only cost for an eligible network office visit, including immunizations and allergy shots. (not available with the One Deductible Plan.)
  • First Dollar Preventive Services – provides $500 per person each calendar year for preventive services once you have been insured for 12 months (available only with the One Deductible Elite Plan)
  • Dental – Vision Discount – provides 15% to 50% discount on dental and vision services from a nationwide network of providers.
  • Dental Insurance – pays cash benefits for routine, basic and major dental services.
  • Life Insurance – this product is available to everyone on the individual medical plan-you decide who will be covered with life insurance. The face amount options are $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 or $200,000 for primary insured or spouse.